To be discovered from our hotel

Between sand, sea and granite

Located about twenty kilometres from Roscoff, in the north of Finistère in Brittany, the commune of Plouescat is known in particular for its beaches with granite sculpted by the waves and the bay of Kernic. A real holiday resort, there are many water sports and land activities to be enjoyed, but there is also a whole cultural heritage to be discovered.

Here are some indications to prepare your stay from our hotel in Plouescat :

Spending time in Plouescat

Physical activities

Guess what you can do for exercise when there are miles of fine sand, the Atlantic Ocean as far as the eye can see, gusts of wind that blow your hair off and spacious, green land?

Getting to know Plouescat

Cultural activities

Many know that Brittany is a treasure trove of Celtic culture to be discovered and explored on the European continent.
With a rich history, Plouescat is an important part of Brittany's heritage that is a must see.

Getting out of Plouescat

The surroundings

In addition to the many things to do in Plouescat, it is worth going outside the boundaries of the commune to broaden your view of North Finistère.

Below are some suggestions for further visits to soak up the atmosphere at the end of the earth...


Simply great

Regional Natural Park of Armorique

With 125,000 hectares, the Regional Natural Park of Armorique was the first natural park created in Brittany and the second in France.

Its objective, like the 55 other regional nature parks in France, is to highlight and protect large inhabited rural areas.