Activities in Plouescat

Merging with the elements

Sports activities

When there are all the elements to slide, swim, roll, fly... the sports activities invented to adapt to the wind, sand or sea are numerous to experience strong and invigorating sensations!

Discover in more detail four activities to do near our hotel in Finistère that we are highlighting here...

Batz Island in Brittany, accessible by boat only.
Rocky landscape at Cap de la Chevre, Finistere department, Parc naturel regional d'Armorique. Brittany (Bretagne), France.
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Kite Surfing

Do you know kitesurfing? It is a water sport that attracts many nationalities every year to the best spots to perform tricks in the air and ride the waves in competitions or simply as a leisure activity. Some even go several tens of meters high!

Training courses are provided to master the basics of this sport; the Bay of Kernic is ideal for discovering this sport.

The principle is simple: you use the air with an adapted kite to glide over the sea with a board and you can even take off from the water by skilfully exploiting the power of the wind. There are several techniques: freeride, freestyle, wave, whakestyle, speed, long distance... In short, it's hair-raising and refreshing!


The Bretons like salt, but not only in their butter! Indeed, when it comes to swimming, it often happens in the Atlantic. For young and old alike, swimming lessons and activities are offered in the sea to learn to swim in natural, dynamic water; ideal for muscle strengthening and cardio!

If you prefer fresh water, there are indoor and outdoor swimming pools in Plouescat, not far from our hotel in Finistère, where you can enjoy a quiet swim.
Ask at our tourist office.


To spend a collective moment, fun and pleasant while strengthening your muscles, aquagym is the ideal activity! It can even take place in the sea to benefit from the waves and sea salt.

Bring a wetsuit and suitable shoes to do the exercises. As a bonus: an invigorating Breton wind to tone you up and a guaranteed feeling of well-being after your session!


Let yourself be carried by the wind, sitting quietly and steering your sand yacht. This is indeed a great activity to do as a group during a team building outing; ideal for team building. In just one hour, you are all ready to master the sail of your float which is propelled by the sea breeze. You enjoy the view of the sea and ride on a long sandy beach. You can even reach speeds of up to 35 km/h! This is a rather ecological leisure activity that requires no roads or fuel, just sand, wind and a good dose of elbow grease.

We have beautiful beaches in Finistère where professionals welcome you and train you to drive a sand yacht. So, see you soon on the track!